Research and Resources of Interest to Parents and Teachers


Research on Literacy

The research section of the LindaMood-Bell® website contains articles, research results, and presentations regarding their programs:

Kindergarten Entry Skills by Nancy McIntire

Resources of Interest

This website is a resource of information for families who have children with learning disabilities.  They also have an area just for kids.

The Texas Speech Hearing and Language Association, has good basic information about speech and language in Texas:

The American Speech-Language Hearing Association sets the standards for speech-language pathologists, and grants Certificate of Clinical Competency (CCC) status to therapists:

This site has a wealth of basic information and articles about speech and language topics, a searchable database of professionals, and is a good resource for SLPs and families:

This site is a how-to for parents who want Medicaid for their children:

The Texas State Board of Examiners for Speech Language Pathology allows people to find out what the requirements are to be an SLP, and to check the license status of an SLP:

Visit the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services for Texas to report child abuse, learn about licensed child care facilities, and to learn about adoption in Texas:

Therapy Thoughts

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Study, Practice, Teach

Rachel’s Reflections “Study, Practice, and Teach” By Rachel Betzen, M.A., CCC/SLP The philosophy of “Study, Practice, …

Giving Tree

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