Costs of Service

We are proud to accept private pay clients and the following insurances: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Molina Healthcare, Parkland Medicaid/CHIP, AmeriGroup, TMHP, Texas Bluebonnet Health Plans, and the Children’s Medical Center Health Plans for CHIP, STAR, STAR+PLUS, STAR Health, and Star Kids products. For clients with other insurances, we will gladly print out a bill that you can send to your insurance to be reimbursed by your insurance company.

Families in the Dallas, Texas area with private health insurance or Medicaid will have a co-pay for each speech-language therapy visit to Dallas Reading and Language Services.

We encourage families to contact their insurance providers to verify the number of speech therapy visits covered each year, as well as determine what their co-pay will be.

Dallas Reading and Language Services is required to collect co-pay during each visit.

Please understand that for students who also receive reading instruction, the family may need to pay a small sliding scale fee to cover the reading portion of their child’s treatment.

Families are responsible for denied insurance claims (this can usually be avoided by calling your insurance company to request they pay for covered services).

For private pay families, the cost for an initial evaluation and follow up consultation with a written report is $350.

The cost of therapy is done on a sliding scale basis for all families who pay out-of pocket.

Families are encouraged to use our sliding scale, which takes into account a family’s income, number of dependent children, out-of pocket medical expenses and a few other factors.

Our sessions are 30-60 minutes each and include consultation, home practice, monthly reports, and communication and phone consultations with schools, teachers and Primary Care physicians (if desired) to ensure the best outcome for each child. The base cost of a one hour session is $150 per session. The base cost of a 30 minute session is $90.

Dallas Reading and Language Services also provides free screenings for hearing, speech and language. Parents may e-mail or call to schedule a screening appointment. If your child is on insurance or Medicaid, please bring their insurance information to your screening appointment.

Dallas Reading and Language Services is also available to provide hearing or speech-language screenings in the community.

Health clinics, private schools, and community centers are encouraged to contact us for further information on these services.

Click here to contact Dallas Reading and Language Services today for details of speech and reading services costs on behalf of your child!


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