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Dallas Reading and Language Services began with a passion for speech-language therapy and reading programs.

Rachel Betzen, M.A., CCC/SLP, started Dallas Reading and Language Services as a private practice in Dallas, Texas offering speech-language therapy and reading programs to children in 2005. Rachel overcame many speech and reading hurdles of her own as a child and has healed from several health setbacks and conquered her own challenges as an adult. These experiences made her truly passionate about the work she does and allows her to empathize with the kids with whom she and her staff currently work. Rachel has learned how improving a child’s speech fundamentals and providing the proper tools that empower children to learn how to read have a very real and powerful long-term affect in life.

“The students I had were all behind in either speech or language, and had a significant reading delay, or were not reading at all,” says Rachel.

Dallas Reading and Language Services is also unique in their focus of working with lower socio-economic families, as well as middle class and higher income families in the Dallas, Texas area. Today, Dallas Reading and Language Services offers their services on a sliding scale basis for private pay families. Dallas Reading and Language Services also accepts Medicaid and some insurance plans.Another major difference between Dallas Reading and Language Services and other therapy providers, is that Rachel Betzen, M.A., CCC/SLP upholds resoundingly high expectations of her students and understand their needs through accurate evaluations.

“In each instance in which I received therapy reports on children who had speech therapy previously, my short-term goals for the child were always higher than the goals he had with the previous therapist. This was the case in every single instance.”

Rachel and her staff believe in the abilities of the children they work with and always seek to meet the individual needs of each child to bring even faster results. Accordingly, Dallas Reading and Language Services students perform well, many reaching the point where their speech-language and reading skills catch up to their grade level. That is the end goal for each child and Dallas Reading and Language Services helps bring children to that goal, quickly.

In 2015, Dallas Reading and Language Services has experienced incredible growth through establishing a team of passionate speech-language therapists to improve the lives of students and families in the Dallas, Texas area.

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