Before speech-language therapy and reading services are provided by Dallas Reading and Language Services, each student must participate in an initial evaluation.

The speech therapy and reading testing usually takes about one to one and a half hours.

One of our speech therapists will schedule a time for parents to come for a follow-up consultation where they will receive the test report and discuss findings.

This is also a time to discuss the student’s goals for therapy and what students and their families can expect regarding our services.

Private pay families in the Dallas, Texas area – please note that this consultation is included in the cost of service.

A typical evaluation may include information about the student’s:

  • speech development
  • language comprehension
  • language expression
  • phonemic awareness, including auditory conceptualization
  • reading decoding
  • reading comprehension, including concept imagery
  • reading grade level

In addition, Dallas Reading and Language Services therapists often include informal assessment measures to further determine where a student is in regards to a particular developmental skill.

Informal assessments also evaluate a student’s learning style and help to determine to which types of cues a student best responds.

Knowledge from the testing is utilized to determine the student’s individual goals and which programs from which your child would most benefit.

Each student will have individualized short and long term goals which will be updated in a monthly report for parents and the student’s doctor.

Reports may also be e-mailed or faxed to the student’s teachers or other therapists upon request.

Students typically receive therapy once or twice weekly in a 30-60 minute session.

Parents are welcome to observe sessions and to ask questions.

Our therapy and reading programs drastically improve student’s skills, and we always have high expectations for our students.

The use of multi-sensory instruction is key to this process.

Our therapeutic approach helps a child change the way he or she perceives or thinks about sounds and language.

Speech therapy and reading instruction will then be provided by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist (speech therapist).

Click here to contact Dallas Reading and Language Services today if you would like to speak with us about a speech therapy and reading evaluation for your child!

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