Free Screenings

Dallas Reading and Language Services is pleased to offer free screenings for preschool and school-aged children. Additionally, a hearing screening is offered as a standard procedure for all of our paid evaluations.

A licensed Speech-Language Pathologist completes all of our screenings. The benefit of having your child screened is that a professional can identify possible problems which could affect your child’s learning and communication.

Speech-language screenings consist of short tests that sample a child’s speech and language skills. If a child passes, then there is likely not a need for further action. If a child does not pass a screening, this indicates that the child would benefit from a full speech-language evaluation to determine their specific difficulties.

Hearing screenings are done with an audiometer, and the child’s hearing is tested on at least three different loudness levels at varying pitches. Children who do not pass a hearing screening are recommended to follow-up with an ENT (ear-nose-throat doctor) and possibly an audiologist for more complete hearing testing.

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